MintyMoss 3-in-1 Hydration Toner

  • Helps to improve texture
  • Helps reduce blemishes
  • Helps irritants and tones the skin complexion.
  • Helps tightens pores
  • Helps eliminates black heads.
  • Provides ULTIMATE hydration.
  • A Skin best friend.
  • Use After cleansing and after working out or sweating.
A revitalizing, Toner spray consisting of Organic Rose Water, organic locally grown Mint leaves, Deionized Seamoss water, and Vitamin E oil. 

After washing your face with the cleanser, This spray is great to use in the morning as a toner before you apply your MossyMask and / or Your MossTurizer.
It will leave your skin refreshed and revitalized INSTANTLY!  

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