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Super Sea Hydration Serum

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  • Clears break outs fast
  • Repairs acne, new and old
  • Reverses skin damage
  • Heals skin discoloration
  • Super hydrating
  • Corrects hyperpigmentation
  • Restores elasticity to skin
  • Restores skin to become more supple
  • Good for ALL skin types 
  • 100% Vegan

This all natural serum is a mixture of Vegan ocean-infused ingredients like seaweed, and medical ingredients glycol. Delivering optimal results after one use. Our customers are in love with their skin after applying this serum. You will see why After one use.



    Seamoss Water, Aloe Vera, Niaciamide, Salicylic Acid, Potassium extract, Hydrogenated Castor oil.



    Transform your skincare routine with the Super Sea Hydration Serum, designed for all skin types. Begin by cleansing your face, allowing the skin to absorb the goodness that follows. With clean hands, apply a few drops of the serum, gently massaging it into your skin. 



    Feel the serum's hydrating power as it clears breakouts, repairs acne, and reverses skin damage. Watch as it works its magic on skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation, restoring elasticity and suppleness. This 100% vegan serum, infused with ocean-derived ingredients like seaweed, delivers remarkable results after just one use. Experience the love your skin deserves as it undergoes a rejuvenating transformation, leaving you with a newfound radiance.




    Get Answers to your Most Common Questions

    Sea Moss, scientifically known as Chondrus crispus, is a type of seaweed rich in essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Its inclusion in health and beauty products is attributed to its potential benefits, such as hydration, anti-inflammatory properties, and the ability to nourish the skin from within.

    Sea Moss is believed to benefit the skin by providing hydration, promoting collagen production, and offering essential vitamins and minerals. Its gel-like consistency helps lock in moisture, contributing to a smoother and more supple complexion.

    Yes, Sea Moss is generally considered suitable for all skin types. Its hydrating and soothing properties make it beneficial for dry skin, while its anti-inflammatory qualities may assist those with sensitive or irritated skin.

    Sea Moss is often praised for its potential benefits for hair health. It is believed to nourish the scalp, strengthen hair strands, and promote overall hair vitality. Some users also claim that it helps with issues like dandruff and hair thinning.

    Sea Moss can be incorporated into beauty routines in various ways. It is commonly used in skincare products like moisturizers, masks, and serums. Additionally, Sea Moss gel can be added to DIY face masks or hair treatments for a natural boost.

    Yes, consuming Sea Moss is believed to offer beauty benefits from within. Its nutrient-rich profile, including vitamins and minerals, may contribute to healthier skin, hair, and nails. Some people choose to add Sea Moss to smoothies or incorporate it into their diet for this reason.

    While Sea Moss is generally considered safe, individuals with iodine sensitivity or allergies to seaweed should exercise caution. It's advisable to start with small amounts to assess individual tolerance. As with any supplement or skincare ingredient, consulting with a healthcare professional is recommended.

    Pregnant or breastfeeding individuals should consult with their healthcare provider before incorporating Sea Moss into their routine. While it contains essential nutrients, it's crucial to ensure that it aligns with individual health needs and any specific considerations during these periods.

    Some health conditions that may potentially benefit from Sea Moss include joint issues, digestive concerns, and skin conditions. However, it's important to note that individual responses may vary, and consultation with a healthcare professional is recommended for personalized advice.

    Health and beauty products with Sea Moss can be found in specialty stores here at Beauty Moss ATL. When choosing products, consider checking ingredient lists and reading reviews for user experiences.


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